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Our Services

We offer a range of auto locksmith services and also operate a 24/7 service for all your emergency requirements.

Key Programming

At Drivecars we carry all the latest and most update equipment to allow us to work on your vehicle and we constantly add new devices when they become available to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors and above main dealer level to provide you with the best service possible.

Under government directive all new model vehicles manufactured from 1995 require a transponder or chip in the key as additional security. Unless the car can communicate with the chip, the engine will not start.

Spare Car Keys

Many second hand cars are sold with only one key, this is a huge risk to the new owner. Drivecars can make you a second or even a third key to give both peace of mind and to allow multiple users of the vehicle. Some keys can simply be copied but the most reliable method is programming.

We carry all the latest specialised equipment to do this on site. There are various options for spare keys depending on the model of car, from a basic key to full remotes. We can also offer generic remotes when the genuine items are not available.

Vehicle Entry

If you ever get locked out of your car/van or lose your keys, Drivecars can gain access to your vehicle by using one or more of our damage free non-destructive techniques. Once the car is unlocked, we will then be in a position to make a key that will start your car if required. We program the key with the latest equipment and technology.

We can also provide:

Lockpicking - Our range of lock picks designed for vehicles allow us to open your car door and make a key to fit the lock perfectly.

Lost Car Keys

Drivecars auto locksmiths can help provide a quick and cost effective service with all lost car key problems.

Since 1995 most car keys incorporate a small chip/transponder that communicates with the car’s immobiliser to allow it to start the engine. This feature also adds an extra level of security to ensure that a new key cannot start the car unless it has been programmed to it by using specialised equipment.

Most locksmiths will be able to cut a key that will open the door but it requires an auto locksmith like us, to cut a key which will also start the engine.